Persea americana is the scientific name of avocado. Originally from Mesoamerica, avocados appeared during the Pleistocene, approximately 13,000 years ago. Persea Foundation, like avocados, is a contribution to the Latin American identity through the dissemination of scientific knowledge. We strongly believe that well-educated citizens are crucial to healthy democracies. They foster sustainability, social cohesion, and trust in their institutions, and are indispensable to understand the value in the protection of our environment and fight climate change.

Our world is increasingly influenced by science and technology. In consequence, public understanding of science is a key factor in social and economic development. Although science outreach has grown significantly, most undertakings in science popularization are done in English. Latin Americans have little access to proper and reliable material on communication of science in Spanish.

In Persea Foundation we strive to captivate the general public and immerse them into the fascinating world of science and technology. We are devoted to the creation of scientific culture in Latin America. Our aim is to provide a link between science and society for Spanish speaking people by producing high-quality products and events.

Persea Foundation is run by professional scientists or science communication specialists. Graphic artists are in charge of turning abstract knowledge into visual concepts. Through this fusion, we create beautiful science communication products, enabling us to show the marvelous world of science and technology.

We are growing beyond our successful magazine “Persea Magazine” to produce books and podcasts. In these, real scientists will have the freedom to tell their stories. We also project to develop useful accessories with our unique and lovely illustrations. Our foundation will also play an important role in the organization of live events in Latin America in order to reach more people.

We are aware of the hard work involved in the creation of high-quality material for the dissemination of science. In this sense, Persea Foundation is also a channel of citizen participation where any contributor can collaborate effectively and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Let us be creators of scientific culture and be restless participants in the development of Latin America.

We invite you to visit our beautiful current creations: Persea Magazine and our 2018 calendar “Latinamerican Science Heroes“.

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